About Us


IndeTech solutions was created in June 2018 with a mission to deliver leading edge inclusive technologies to meet the needs of individuals across the range of ages and abilities. With the support of visionary leaders at KenCrest, IndeTech Solutions, LLC now exists as a wholly owned subsidiary of KenCrest. In the summer of 2018, IndeTech became the exclusive distributor of its flagship product avail™, a proven mobile learning support. Guided by a highly experienced team, dedicated to supporting independence for all, IndeTech strives to discover and deliver unique, cost effective solutions throughout the nation.


IndeTech is a mission-driven company dedicated to empowering independence. We strive to deliver technology solutions that unlock potential and possibility with a commitment to the inclusion of all.



Holly Chakmakjian

Managing Director

Holly has been with IndeTech Solutions, LLC since its inception and has been an integral part in its founding and establishment before becoming its Managing Director. Holly has spent over 13 years working with children and adults with disabilities. Starting as a direct support professional, Holly went on to teach in early intervention before becoming a special education school leader. Holly is inspired by IndeTech’s mission to make supportive, assistive technologies widely available so that individuals can live a meaningful life and achieve their dreams. Ms. Chakmakjian is a subject matter expert in assistive technologies, positive approaches, and best practices in the fields of human services and education. She has been featured nationally at conferences and symposiums.