Case Study: Brain Injury Social Stories and Personal Instructions Enhance Independent Living

Bob is 37 living with a brain injury

After the accident, Bob became frustrated and confused because his life changed drastically. He used to play football and enjoyed going to see his favorite team play. His family worried about him traveling alone on the bus, but still wanted him to get out and enjoy himself. His key worker used avail to create a training program for Bob. It included step-by-step multimedia instruction to show him how to catch the bus, purchase his ticket and get refreshments. Bob enjoys ownership of his activities for the first time since the accident due to avail’s self-directed process and learning. Bob feels more comfortable socially as the prompts are delivered on his mobile device. He also enjoys saving his money because avail allows for his prompts to be delivered on his phone without the internet. His family has noticed Bob’s confidence has increased and he now has a wider engagement with society and a more normal life.