Case Study: Community Home-Independently Living Independent Living and More Flexible Care Provision

Joe is a 29-year-old man who has transitioned to community living

Joe required support from his care staff in the morning, evening and night to complete common household tasks. After the avail Support system was applied, Joe and Care Services began to quickly see the benefits. Joe was able to self-direct prompting on his own term and his amount of direct levels of staffing was reduced. Joe was sent virtual reminders to complete tasks like take medication, turn off heating, cooking, security at home – just the way he preferred. His care staff felt confident because they were able to monitor Joe from a distance. They received notifications when Joe views a task and the length of time it is taken to view. Admin processes are also streamlined. The care staff received real-time information on Joe’s activities and increased capacity, while Joe was empowered by living more independently.