Case Study: Children Independent Learning and Improved Family Lifestyle

John is an 8-year-old boy with Autism

During school, John uses the Picture Exchange Communication System and follows a printed visual schedule during his school day. The problem is that John can get frustrated when he can’t communicate his wants or wishes, and as a result he finds it difficult to interact with others. John’s mother noticed that John has a positive association with his iPad, and after some research came across avail. She then implemented avail’s ABA best practice procedures at home with John. John and his mother are now benefitting from the quick, simple and engaging instructions delivered to his iPad. They love the added reinforcement that John receives when he completes a task. John now has an enhanced method of communicating what he wants and other things about him to his mother who has created social stories such as, “About me” and “Things l like to eat and play with”. Since John has limited communication and get frustrated as a result, his mother benefits from the pre-created avail library. She downloads social stories including “When l get upset” as well as a many other tasks, all of which she can change to suit John. She has more time and has seen a significant reduction in challenging behavior, as a result of improved communication.