Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can avail be used for?

A. avail has unlimited potential to help children and adults reach outcomes in daily activities in school, employment, self-care, socialization and recreation. Profiles are individualized to the learners prompting level, while promoting self direction and independence.


Q. What will avail teach my learner?

A. No learner is the same, therefore, no learner will have the same avail profile. avail guides care takers to create tasks and prompts that are specific to individual learning styles and needs. For example, if you wanted to teach your learner “How to make their favorite breakfast” using a combination of video, picture, audio and text prompts,  avail will help the care giver create meaningful step by step content. Staff and caregivers can also choose from pre-created tasks in the avail library.


Q. Can I use avail on multiple devices?

A. Yes, learners will have access to avail across environments. Therefore, we have ensured that avail can be downloaded on three different devices per learner. For example, the learner could have access to it at home on their tablet and at school on the school’s iPad. The facilitator (parents/staff) can also have the learning platform on their device. The web portal can be accessed on both computer and smart devices.


Q. Can the software be used on IOS and Android?

A. Yes, avail can be used on iOS and Android devices and accessed on phones and tablets.